It’s often been said lightning never strikes the same place twice. Sadly, that’s not quite true. But with GroundLinx Gradiance® protection,
the next strike can be painless.

Each year, billions of dollars (and other global currencies) are literally thrown away on completely outdated methods of lightning protection that fail to safeguard the sensitive electronics on which contemporary society depends.

GroundLinx was founded to revolutionize lightning protection and thus eradicate wasteful expenditures incurred when lightning strikes. Lightning events can be damage free. GroundLinx will be happy to show you how.

A revolutionary SOLUTION to lightning protection.


GroundLinx  Proudly Presents

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We’ve brought lightning protection into the 21st Century.

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A game-changing lightning protection and electrical grounding system based on many years of research and experience in application of advanced principles in physics and materials science.


Presenting GroundLinx  Gradiance

 including all code-specified techniques, whether in the form of standard rods, grids, or chemically enhanced columns.

Dramatically outperform traditional lightning protection systems



Have true broadband fault dissipation capability.


which often contain frequencies exceeding 100MHz. (Copper based systems rapidly lose effectiveness above 100MHz.)

Are able to dissipate extremely large fault currents


Create approximately 18 million dissipation points per installed electrode

with an amazing amount of surface area, all in a single 3/4-meter (30 inch) deep installation.


Additionally, routine maintenance is NOT required.

Require a smaller total array footprint and are easier to install


How? By creating a multi-step impedance gradient for fault-current flow.

Dramatically minimize impedance mismatches between electrodes and native soil.


Are far more stable and resilient over time

than customary grounding and lightning protection systems, including chemically enhanced techniques.


Gradiance  Systems:

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Lightning events can be damage free. GroundLinx® will be happy to show you how.

GroundLinx Gradiance® lightning protection systems provide superior, entirely resilient defense for critical electronic systems and devices, structures (such as antenna towers), and essential buildings – with far greater effectiveness across all types and frequencies of surge events – at lower cost than all other lightning-control products now on the market. Our customers will tell you exactly that.

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