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In taking a fresh look at the science and practice of lightning protection, we have become convinced of three critical points:

Sometimes, creating a better solution requires a totally new approach to the problem.

A radical re-thinking of lightning protection has become urgently necessary.

Traditional lightning protection solutions were designed to protect analog age equipment and are dramatically insufficient in a digital world.

The design and oversight of lightning protection systems worldwide has become dangerously out of date.




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It's not the number of devices you put in the ground that optimizes your level of protection. What matters is the systems's ability to manage and properly disperse the full range of surge current frequencies that happen in a lightning event. This is why traditional methods are outdated and can easily become ineffective and ultimately, very dangerous.

It's not the quantity but the quality that makes all the difference.

By applying advanced principles of physics, some unexpected materials, and a determination to change the status quo, we developed a system that can easily dissipate the hunter-killer pulses of energy (like lightning) that destroy the electronics upon which we depend. By comparison, deploying traditional systems of lightning protection will leave critical circuitry in mortal danger.


GroundLinx  saves lives and critical infrastructures

We have revolutionized lightning protection

By modernizing the concept of lightning protection worldwide, countless millions of dollars and thousands of lives will be saved.

  • MBA, University of Chicago
  • Extensive experience in entrepreneurial business development
  • Key functions include product design and project management.​

Founder / Chief Executive

Tom LaBarge

  • Telecom operations executive (Fortune 500) for more than three decades
  • Specialist in product development and launch
  • Tasked with coordinating all project management activities at GroundLinx®

Founder / VP-Operations Strategies

Nancy Swartz

  • BS Physics; MS Mechanical and Aerospace Sciences; Masters in Engineering Management
  • Aerospace Engineer, Industrial Physicist, Technology Scout (Boeing)
  • Expertise in Material Science, Energy Transfer, Applied Physics, Program Management

Chief Scientist

John H. Belk

  • BS, Manhattan College, Bronx, NY
  • 45 years’ experience in electrical contracting and inspection
  • Responsible for product design, manufacturing and testing


John Broccoli

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