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GroundLinx Gradiance® electrodes provide a lightning protection system that boasts many hundreds of thousands of emitting points for excess current and voltage. This allows surges and lightning strikes to be instantly dissipated without causing harm to sensitive electronics or to the electrodes themselves. This approach provides numerous advantages over other lightning/surge protection devices that rely heavily on single-emitting-point ground rods for dissipation. Our product's superiority in this regard is very easy to demonstrate.

As discussed across this website, the most crucial aspect of an effective lightning protection and grounding system is its charge dissipation strategy. 

Efficient Dissipation is Essential

Our research looked into what really happens during a lightning strike or major surge event, and what needs to be done to prevent damage from these anomalies. This represents a significant leap forward from legacy grounding techniques, which have not changed measurably in over 50 years. This is important because electronic devices were in their infancy then. Times have changed, but traditional grounding has not.

GroundLinx Gradiance® lightning protection products are the result of many years of research.

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GroundLinx's globally patented Gradiance   electrodes are the top choice for lightning and surge dissipation, particularly when it comes to safeguarding critical electronic devices. 

Whether it's a fried television or unplanned downtime at a multi-million-dollar data center, high-performance lightning protection and electrical grounding are essential. The key to ensuring efficient dissipation of unwanted voltage and current is through the use of highly effective grounding solutions.

In today's world of electronics, lightning protection and electrical grounding are crucial for preventing damage to costly electronic equipment caused by thunderstorms, power surges, and electrical anomalies. 

We steal lightning’s thunder – in any application.

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Our Model 1318 is specifically designed for installation in mission-critical facilities where equipment failure is not an option. Numerous E-911 emergency dispatch sites across the United States have installed the Gradiance® 1318 system, which is instantaneously prepared to neutralize lightning strikes. Our documented proof of this ability is readily available for review. Additionally, many radio and television broadcasters have installed our 1318 electrodes with great success.

Our second electrode design is the Model 0512 CAIO (or compact all-in-one) which is a solution suitable for both less-intensive applications and locations where geological conditions make it impossible to achieve the 30-inch depth required for a Model 1318 installation. The 0512 design has a slightly lower dissipation capacity than the 1318 but requires only an 18-inch installation depth. While in some installations it may be necessary to deploy more 0512 units than 1318 units, the cost of each 0512 unit is notably lower.

The Model 0512 CAIO Gradiance® electrode is ideal for residential applications, as well as for lighter duty commercial sites or instances where “structure only” grounding and/or lightning protection is necessary.

Gradiance® lightning protection systems are highly flexible and can be tailored to suit virtually any application size. These systems can be easily integrated into existing grounding strategies to enhance system performance, frequency response, and capacity. Or, they can be deployed as stand-alone systems for new construction projects.

At GroundLinx, we offer two cutting-edge electrode designs for lightning and surge protection. 

Design Flexibility and Scalability

...even after sustaining direct lightning strikes or lightning induced surges on their commercial power supplies. One E-911 customer has reported that their annual budget of $100,000 for equipment damage and downtime has been completely eliminated, thanks to the effectiveness of Gradiance® lightning protection products. 

Since the first GroundLinx Gradiance® installation, none of our customers have reported equipment losses or system downtime. None...

Zero Damage / Zero Downtime

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There’s no question, GroundLinx Gradiance electrodes offer the best protection available in high-performance grounding applications.